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Pipe Wars

Did you know that if you have a leaky faucet that drips twice per minute, you’ll waste over a gallon of water in a week? Maybe not, because no one really cares about that sort of facts until they are becoming a real problem. Since we are not Super Mario, we could be your super hero when it comes to your water bills. That could be as easy for us as playing a computer game for a child.


Offering complete services for your home, our technicians have extensive experience and are familiar with all types of plumbing systems for households. When there is something wrong with the toilet bowl, shower, sink, siphon, radiator, electrical system, heat sink or the gas leaks, we know how urgent the interference is.

MyGuy offers installation, maintenance, design and last but not least repairs for sanitary installations of all types.

Repairs to Sanitary Installations and Replacement of Defects

We have in our portfolio countless of happy clients with repairs of sanitary installations, and we can help you even with works on leaky pipelines or clogged pipes.

Assembly Valves

We are qualified in the repair, replacement, and installation of various types of valves, and you can also contact us if you need service for cleaning and fixing your pipes, connecting valves, batteries or Sinks.

Bathroom and Bathroom Accessories

We can offer installation, repair and maintenance of bidets, tanks and toilet bowls, but also for the installation or maintenance of bathtubs, showers or hydromassage equipment, steam baths, jacuzzi, bathtubs, etc

Sanitary Plumbing

We have experience in this field and you can contact us if you want to create a complete sanitary system for your home or for renovating / modernizing ones that have already been built.


We can clean, repair and replace old sewer pipes, repair existing pipes to prevent leakage, and have the skills to provide you with the right expertise in fitting your household appliances to drain

Boiler Repairs and Installation

We have a great experience in installing new boilers in domestic and professional sanitary installations and in repairing them if a fault has occurred.

Thermal power stations

You can use our services if you want to install hot water boilers, steam boilers, hot water boilers, expansion boilers or thermal power plants.

These just a few of the basic works that our company can perform for you. You can contact us for a personalized offer or for details about other types of interventions. We will give you tips and information about sanitary facilities.


Let MyGuy be your super hero!

Have Questions? Get in touch with us! Our experienced technicians at MyGuy will be happy to assist you, 800 MYGUY (69489)

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