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Plumbing Emergency!

If you must choose 3 things you like: a holiday on a tropical island, a yacht ride and the repair of broken pipes in the apartment are certainly not on the same list.


Sometimes you need a plumber, especially in emergency situations, when unfortunately, a pipe broke, and there was a danger of flooding the neighbor below. It is advisable to call a specialist if you want to change the place of the washing machine or mount it, but also when you want to renovate the entire bathroom. If this is the case, we can only say that you have come to the right place because our team can offer you a wide range of services, especially in the field of sanitary installations, such as assembly, design, repair and maintenance. Any plumbing installation or repair should be done thoroughly to help insure that future problems will not occur.

MyGuy provides you with a full team of professionals in sanitary facilities, especially if we also take into account the fact that in the case of urgency, it is very important to have a team of professionals to save time on guessing what the problem could be! If this is the case, then you will be able to significantly reduce the damage and the expenses to recondition your home.


Our team of installers can help you with any problem arising from installations of any nature, of any size. We resolve urgency quickly and efficiently. All our installers are qualified and licensed and each of them is proud of his work. Installers who will arrive at the site will make an assessment and will give you a quote, then, as the work progresses, they will keep you informed of what’s going on, so you do not have to worry about hidden costs.

More than simple installers

With Myguy, your installation we make your problems, our problems! We are proud of the promptness we reach the location, with the rapid diagnosis of the problem, with the installations and with fast and efficient action and solution. Our team will arrive at the incident site with all the specialized equipment needed to inspect, detect and solve the problems with sanitary, electrical, gas and sanitary installations. We will explain the problem and we will propose the solution, then we will apply the best solution and do it right the first time! Furthermore, we will prevent further problems by checking the entire installation as part of the service provided.

What we can Help With

Our team can act very quickly and offer immediate solutions to your problems that will be solved. Among these works you can contact us include:

• Flood interventions

• Clogging Toilets and Infected Swamps

• Defects / Repair Siphons Decking

• Drainage

• Breaking / Repairing Split Pipes

• Locks and Leaks

• Making Connections to Columns

• Main and Secondary Columns Changes

• Installation / Changing Valves and Transition Valves / Connection

• Installation and Repair of Heaters

• Rehabilitation of Bridges

Have Questions? Get in touch with us! Our experienced technicians at MyGuy will be happy to assist you, 800 MYGUY (69489)

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