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Time to Check those Pipes!

You would think that a plumber would carry at least a few standard water seals, pipes, taps, hoses and some screws and buts but alas! Most just walk around with a plunger and straightened coat hangers and are willing to look under the sink. MYGUY is more than just that.


Not only do we repair the pipes, fittings and other apparatus of water supply, sanitation and heating systems, we also carry a decent stock of all items you may require. Being in a city that averages 40°C, we also carry Water Cooling Systems that are quick to install and can cool the water down to up to 18° C. Imagine taking a cold shower between May and October. Now, MYGUY can help you live it.


Technicians report that up to 30 percent of their service calls require only the push of a button or the flip of a switch. If is not your case, it is very important to call on the services of professionals, especially if you are talking about sanitary facilities, because often repairing a poorly done job can prove to be more expensive than when you call a team of professionals. For these services, you can contact our experienced plumbers team, and you can experience firsthand how things are simplified, because you will work with professional installers.


Whether it is a general routine boiler check up you require or a full-blown burst pipe, we can help and we will be with you in no time.

Some of our Services
  • Installing water cooling systems
  • Changing water tanks
  • Repairs of Sanitary installments and replacement of defects
  • Assembly of valves
  • Bathroom and Bathroom Accessories
  • Sanitary plumbing
  • Boiler repairs and installation
  • Thermal power stations
Good to know

If you do not want to make frequent investments in purchasing sanitary batteries, focus on quality products. Quality can also be tested by weight. Lightweight batteries are generally doubtful quality.


Now is the time for you to start serious research for your next holiday destination!

Have Questions? Get in touch with us! Our experienced technicians at MyGuy will be happy to assist you, 800 MYGUY (69489)

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