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Electric Repair

The idea of Prince charming is a charming fairy tale in itself but what happens when it comes to fixing an electric fuse?


Our skilled electricians will not bring you flowers, but they can fix any electrical malfunction you might be having at home and can also easily handle electrical installation, can prince charming do that? MyGuy has the experience, technical expertise, managerial competence and financial capability to become your first contact when it comes to electrical reparations

Electricians and electrical contractors in the U.A.E must be qualified and licensed to operate as electricians. This means most of the guys who come to you in open toed sandals are either not qualified or licensed and they pretty much work on a craft they learned from friends or being around the business. This sounds dangerous doesn’t it? Well, it is. Even though life holds no guarantees, and electrician should at least guarantee that the ceiling light that he helped install won’t burn the house down.

Lets talk about the Spark

Electrical systems age over time and its insulation deteriorates, causing electric shock or fire. Neglecting to carry out maintenance or upgrading repairs of the electrical installation, by experienced technicians could turn a fairy tale into a nightmare. Overheating may cause an unwanted fire if not properly maintained and serviced and could potentially harm plugged in appliances.


You can avoid an emergency intervention to repair the electrical system, where the cost of damage can be high (damage to your refrigerator, electronic equipment, air conditioning or even fires with hard to estimate damage). If for example you notice one of the light bulbs in your house constantly flickering or burning out often, you might have a problem with the electrical installation. Getting it checked out could prevents (at best) an imminent power cut in the electrical installation.


When it comes to electrical work, concentrate on your strengths and outsource your electrical work! Trying to solve the problem yourself could end you up with a very messy hair do.

Ready to solve all your electrical fuses
  • Damage to Electrical installation
  • Electrical Panel faults
  • Replacing electric tabs and wiring
  • Lighting
  • Outlets and switches
  • Cabling and wiring
  • Extra household electrical circuits
  • Overvoltage and electrical protection
  • Installation of home appliances
  • Electrical installation checks and inspections
  • Various electrical repairs

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