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Your own Custom Curtains & Blinds

When you pick out your outfit for the day, you tend to pick it based on your personality. Which would be most comfortable, look better, and most importantly one you like the most.


This isn’t the most complicated thing in the world. However, it can get frustrating. Properly hung curtains and drapery can make or break a room!

When we hang curtains, we follow the 3 basic rules

Making sure the length of the curtains right does sounds like a given but you’d be surprised at some of our counter parts practices. There are just certain things that shouldn’t be done if you do not have sufficient experience or it could turn out costly. Short curtains will make your expensive furniture look like a dorm room. Not to mention how terrible the pleats would look. We measure twice and cut once. Not the other way around.

Generally, the longer they are, the more elegant they look. As a rule, shorter curtains give a more relaxed and informal note.


It is advisable for the curtains to reach the floor level although it differs from room to room. For example in the kitchen it is enough that the curtain reaches the end of the windows and in the bedrooms or living room, you might want to opt for curtains or blinds that are longer than the height of the room. An interesting point if curtains are long, they lift the room and the wall on which they are placed, and the short ones enlarge the space.

Drapery Returns

A drapery return is the measurement from the wall is where the curtains hangs off to the rod. If your guy doesn’t know the measurement we’re referring to is of the side piece of it if you were standing looking to the side of the curtain. When you talk to you profession (aka – MYGUY), we would know that you should have a hook and eye installed on the wall just underneath the curtain rod where you would hook your last hook. This would prevent light seeping in from the sides when the curtains are closed. Interesting right? That’s our ‘outside the box’ mode of operating.

Drill (and white cement)

You would think this is the first tool you would buy when you’re in the business but I’m sure you’ve seen our counterparts use equipment that isn’t safe, wire exposed, wrong drills heads and still try to make it works and fit it anyhow. You can avoid all that. MYGUY have all the tools for the job and more. For once, you won’t have to supervise ‘the professionals’.

Color, Fabric & Material

Every detail is an important choice to pick the right colors and fabrics to make you feeling more comfortable in your homes atmosphere. We all know that curtains have an important decorative role and can bring the extra spark to our rooms. The material needs to be selected carefully to fit the style of the room where they’ll be installed and of course selecting the right colors can brighten up or darken any room. As a rule of thumb you should select light colors in smaller rooms to make them look bigger and you can opt for darker shades in bigger rooms.


Mounting metal galleries, aluminum hinges, or other curtain or blinds mechanical systems is not as easy as it looks! The gripping systems and the textile materials put together by MyGuy are calculated in such a way that they can blend nicely with any room setting.


Both the tools we work with and the accessories that help us in the assembly are of high quality making it easier to work in all types of surfaces: concrete, brick, polystyrene on the inside, etc.


We promise we won’t help you pick your outfits, but we’ll definitely help you give your house a little of your personality!

Attractive Custom Blinds for Best Window Coverings

Since years, many of the homeowners are demanding premium window coverings. Are you also the one enjoying classic style which stands time test? Are you also the one looking out for the rich and new line of product for impressing the guests?

Well, you must get in touch with us at MyGuy as we are the leading experts and top providers of the custom blinds for everyone around in Dubai, Warqa, Mirdif, Shurooq, Ghuroob, Emirates Hill and for many other places.

You can also book us for your in-home consultation for free. From the shutters to blinds, drapery to shades, the decorative curtain rods to the rugs and others, we can offer from beginning till the end the amazing buying and shopping experience of the blinds in Mirdif.

Wide collection

As our custom blinds take up the solution of an innovative approach and you are getting more coverings of the attractive window, you will also be glad to know that we can install the system of cordless lift in case you are having kids and can even add motorization for better operation of windows across different windows.

No matter, whether you want contemporary or classic furnishing, our custom blinds in Uptown Mirdif can assist in completing the look & feel that you are searching out for. Our expert consultants can also guide you through picking the right window blind for matching your home décor.

Easy installation

We carry different colors from the white blinds to the black ones or anyone in between. When you will make a selection of our blinds in Warqa from us, we will perform whole work for you from measurement to expert installation.

Our custom blinds in Al Warqa are available in different finishes, stains, styles, and colors. We can match well your existing furnishings and existing trim. Similarly, our blinds can act as a window treatment that helps in saving energy, block the UV rays and even reduce well then solar heat increases.

Takes interior designing to a new level

We recommend making use of our blinds in Al Khawaneej and decorative tapes of cloth to add a special touch. We offer the cornice boxes for taking the interior designing to all-new levels.

Our blinds in Shurooq come with a variable number of options which includes the contemporary, decorative, traditional and standard styles. Our blinds are made of 100 percent certified materials and can make the areas feel warm & inviting while preserving the well whole environment.

Add to the stylish features

In addition to stylish features, our blinds in Ghuroob come with the best attraction as privacy assurance and light blockage. The motorization can be added well for offering extra convenience.

Our blinds in Emirates Hills can work well with all the windows of the home. Similarly, they can match well the budget, style, and personality. With the best help from our consultants, you can add on color, character & warmth with the perfect set of these custom blinds.

For all window sizes

We are the experts’ providers of custom blinds and blinds in Dubai Land that understand well there is no solution of one size fit when it comes to the interior living space decor.

Everyone needs blinds that are perfect for their windows and can ensure light and privacy control. Whether you are having a small window or skylight in your room, our customized blinds in Silicon Oasi can help you all in the best way.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our official site MyGuy today that is known for world-class blinds in Dubai and can give your space an attractive look and feel without breaking the bank. Explore the finest quality of our custom blinds today.

Have Questions? Get in touch with us! Our experienced technicians at MyGuy will be happy to assist you, 800 MYGUY (69489)

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