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AC Service

Living in Dubai, we quickly learn that air conditioning is a must! The high temperatures make you hot just by thinking of going outside. Your AC is literally your best friend, we all lose sleep thinking about our AC units malfunctioning! MyGuy is here to keep your worst nightmares away. We aim to offer the best service in town when it comes to air conditioning service.

Show your AC some love

The maintenance process is a basic must when you have an air conditioner. To extend its lifetime, it is ideal to pay special attention to each irregularity so that any problem is identified before it breaks down. Keeping a close eye on your AC performance saves you bigger issues in the future and helps our air conditioning repair team take action in the shortest possible time. In the category of problems that may occur with the climate installation, a number of elements are quite easy to solve.

However, users may also encounter more serious problems requiring a thorough analysis process, where knowledge, expertise, professionalism and skill are extremely important. Our professional technicians with experience in repairing the air conditioning equipment are just a call away, ready to keep you cool in the heat.

Frequent AC problems

The internal unit is leaking

One of the main causes is the washable filters of the unit have not been properly maintained. Over time, dust particles are deposited onto the unit, which at some point sinks into the condensate collection port. Therefore, it is essential that the filters be cleaned regularly during the period in which they are heavily used. Other causes include lack of internal hygiene, loss of freon, or clogging of the pipes to eliminate condensation. It is essential that the device be filled with freon, otherwise it will freeze causing bigger problems.

The internal unit is leaking

There can be several factors causing AC malfunction. In these cases our Dubai air conditioning specialists will diagnose the AC units and check for a burnt fuses or other supply problems. The team will also check the voltage, and the remote control and its settings. There are situations in which the receiving board does not catch the signal from the remote control at times, causing it to block the reception and affects the proper operation of the device.

Crazy DEWA Bill

Overly high bills occur when the compressor and the fan are worn out. This happens especially if the system is oversized. Experts in the field advise users to call an authorized air conditioning repair service when they face such problems.

AC is Not Cooling

After checking the freon gas levels and the physical condition of the indoor and outdoor units, our specialists will check the fans of the units and if they are working properly, as well as the state of the electronic board.

Sensor Errors

The thermostat sensor in the unit is designed to measure the temperature of the air entering the coil. When it is removed from its usual position, the installation will adopt a chaotic behavior.

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