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Air Conditioning Fix & Repair

We are not therapists but we can fix your AC problems! We enjoy what we do and most important keeping our clients happy and cool!


Imagine for a second how it would be to live in this heat without air conditioning. People would be feeling the high roaring temperatures all the time and nobody would want to work.


Although air conditioner systems are designed to operate for a long period of time, undesirable malfunctions sometimes endanger the proper operation of the devices, which require specialized assistance to be properly repaired.


However, the risk of damage to the air conditioner can be minimized if regular maintenance of the usual technical services are carried out.

Some common AC Issues

Not Cooling

This can be caused by the lack of Freon, many times, but there may be other causes, such as: Compressor defective capacitor, defective compressor, non-functional fan.

Unwanted Odors

The AC equipment starts to smell uncomfortable when it is operating in a toxic environment or when it has not been serviced for a long time or worse…never! Dust and moisture in summer on the air conditioning vaporizer cause the slots to block inside the split, and start to develop microbes and molds.

Water Flow in the House

This is possible when drainage is obstructed by time accumulated dirt or when an external factor interferes with the air conditioning equipment (e.g. rehabilitation of the building, facade works, etc.).


From the point of view of hygiene, air influences health through both its chemical composition and its physical properties (temperature, humidity, air currents, pressure)


If you smell mold during your AC is running, clean the inner unit’s interior turbine and clean it up so that the dust does not spread anywhere in the air from the cooled mold spores.

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