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AC Maintenance

We all know how hot days get in the summer in UAE! It’s way too hot outside to go out for a walk, most opt for the smarter option to enjoy a quiet afternoon in their cool home. This is the worst time for your AC unit to start acting up! Don’t get panic!


When it comes to anything we use often, it is always better to prevent than to fix. Simple steps you can take to avoid spending the afternoon in the heat trying to find someone to fix your AC unit

Maintenance is the most important operation you can do after fitting an air conditioner

During air conditioning maintenance services, air filters will be checked and cleaned or changed, the pipes of the entire air conditioner, connecting elements and cables belonging to the assembly will be checked, interior and exterior units will be examined and cleaned, and special attention will be paid to the air conditioning refrigerant route. It is advised that you do maintenance for your AC unit annually or twice a year depending on your usage and budget.

Proper maintenance of you AC prolongs life and keeps you and your family healthy

Periodically required air conditioning maintenance, will guarantee the maximum life of the air conditioner, and will help you save on your DEWA bills. Air conditioners accumulate unpleasant smells and, ultimately, bacteria and other microorganisms that can affect your health. This happens regardless of the brand or performance of the device.

How MyGuy can help you?
  • Check Freon gas levels
  • Clean the indoor AC units filters
  • Check for duct leakages in the central systems
  • Measure airflow through the evaporator coil
  • Oil Motors and check belts for tightness, wear and tear
  • Check the accuracy of the thermostat
  • Cleaning and washing the outdoor AC unit
  • Check for correct amount of refrigerant in the AC
  • Test for refrigerant leaks using a leak detector

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