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150 AED per hour Home Services


This is a classic story of frustration. The business came about after endless encounters with handymen and repairmen who overcharge, under deliver, untimely, leave you with a mess and frown. Unlicensed workers have been inside our most private rooms and areas of our homes with no identification or security.


So we decided to put our money where my mouth is and try to show the market that you do not have to overcharge to offer a decent service. It’s time to raise the bar and sometimes, the only way to do is to do it yourself.

Whether it’s your home or garden, getting what you want and how you want it at an acceptable price is a struggle. That’s where we come in.


If we can’t be of service, we may know others who could. We won’t just experiment and leave you hanging. After all, creating and fostering relationships – and giving back – is a cornerstone of conducting business today. Or at least that’s what we believe in. 

Jaffar Bin Jaffar
Entrepreneur | Thinker

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